The World of Pathfinder

Golarion is a world of imbalance. As a general rule, the technology level lies somewhere around early medieval advances – yet while some areas barely scratch out a living farming dirt and researching fire, others have arcanotechnical androids and flying Goddamn cars. So basically you can do what you like within reason. There’s also the issue of magic, it’s simultaneously everywhere and nowhere. A known quantity that is nevertheless surrounded with superstition and rumor and loose talk, virtually all of it wrong. Spellcasters may be feared, respected or simply acknowledged based only on where you travel.


The largest town in the Lost Coast (though there’s not much competition there), Sandpoint is a humble coastal town that mainly lives on farming, fishing and trading expertly-made glassworks. Something something exposition exposition, and then five years ago their church burned the hell down. The new cathedral is nearly finished, and a festival is being held to consecrate the new holy place.

The Swallowtail Festival

A bit on why you might be here, stolen ruthlessly from the book: A cleric PC might be asked by a superior to travel to Sandpoint to witness the ceremony. A bard might be drawn by the opportunity to perform before a new crowd. A rogue might be tempted by the promise of networking with new contacts. A fighter might be hired to escort a merchant to town. And, of course, if the PC is local, he needs no reason apart from the fact that everyone in town will be there!


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