Hero Points

We are using them! You all start with one and I will hand them out whenever I feel like doing so. Info can be found here if you’re unfamiliar.

Encumbrance, Logistics and the Merits of Arrow-Counting

We’re mostly ignoring this because I am not an effortful person. These sorts of things will likely only come up when it’s convenient to the plot or you do something that causes some close inspection (ie. trying to stuff a Colossal golden helmet into your backpack).

Combat Time

While I’m happy to let my PCs fart around while they’re socially adventuring, combat is another story. While in a fight, players are going to be on a relatively strict time limit; five minutes once your initiative count comes up to type up your action, declare it and make all the various rolls. If this does not happen, you will be treated as having delayed your initiative or simply passing the turn if you don’t respond by the time the next round comes up.


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