Character Generation


You may roll (4d6 drop lowest, arrange the results as you please) or use point-buy (20 points PF, ‘High Fantasy’). I must be present for rolls. You may reroll once if you get a truly awful spread but if you choose to roll in the first place you’re bound to the result! HP rolling will be ezmodo: Automatic max HP for your first three levels, then half-auto for the rest (1d10 becomes 1d5+5 for instance).

Classes, Feats and The Like

Players start at Level 1. Core content is allowed, as well as any third-party content that you run by me first. You may take a free Trait as well. SRD content is fine.


You start with 500 GP worth of things. Any GP allowance not spent will become hard cash. These things can be magic items or a donkey laden with trade goods, I don’t really care. Just be reasonably equipped for ADVENTURE!


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